Katie Doherty and the Navigators: ‘And Then’ (Photography by Beneath the Pines; Illustrations by Holly Mabuba)

John Goldie & The High Plains: ‘Here And Now’ (Photography by Julie Howden)

String Sisters: ‘Between Wind And Water' (Photography by Floortje Matthew and Douglas Robertson)

Old Blind Dogs: ‘Room With A View’ (Photography by Archie MacFarlane)

Colin Steele: ‘Even In The Darkest Places’ (Photography by Archie MacFarlane & Brian Vass; Koi fish design by Oliver Cartwright)

Martin Green: ‘Crows' Bones’ (Photography by David Liddell)

Tim Dalling: ’Eve’s Bonie Squad’ (Photography by JJ Hogg)

Simon Thoumire & Ian Carr: ’He Thinks He’s Invisible’ (Photography by Gwenael Kivijer, live photos by Lieve Boussauw)

Karine Polwart: ’Traces’ (Photography by Paul Heartfield; Design/concept by Karine Polwart; Layout by Van Gill Media)

Inge Thomson: ’Da Fishing Hands’ (Band photo by Floortje Robertson; Cover photo of Inge by Archie MacFarlane; Accordion photo by David Liddell; All other photos, design and layout by Van Gill Media)

The Bevy Sisters: ’Plan B’ (Photography by Sean Purser)

Rachel Clemente: A Quiet Uniqueness
PMC: Music From The Heid
Tom Lyne: Far From Mars
Laura MacDonald & David Berkman: Duets

Scott Murray: ’Evenin’s Fa'’

Tom Bancroft’s Trio Red: ’First Hello To Last Goodbye’ (Images by Jonathan Meyer; Photography by Louis DeCarlo)

Simon Thoumire & David Milligan: ’Third Flight Home'
(Image manipulation by Van Gill Media; Photography by Louis DeCarlo, Layout by 16k Design)

Amy Geddes: ’Messing’ (Paintings by Sarah Roberts; Photo by John Sikorski)

Dave Milligan Trio: ’Shops’ (Photography by Lieve Boussauw, Gordon Maclean & Van Gill Media)

Corrina Hewat: ’Harp I do’ (Photography by Lieve Boussauw & Van Gill Media)

Ross Milligan: ’Passing Places’ (Photography by Sandy Milligan & Van Gill Media)

Macmaster/Hay: ’Love and Reason’ (Photography by Louis De Carlo)

The Unusual Suspects: ’Big Like This’ (Live photos by Lieve Boussauw)